Sarah and Evan married in the Nevada Desert – Southwestern U.S. Travel Photographers

When Sarah and Evan sent us a 4-page e-mail about their wedding in December of last year we knew we had to make this happen. Jay and I have always wanted to visit Pahrump, Nevada. Or at least we have ever since we first heard of it when we opened Sarah’s e-mail. We knew they were going to be awesome from our back and forth wedding-prep e-mails and when we met them in person we were not disappointed. They had a great wedding with their closest friends and family and we loved getting to know all of her wedding guests over Sarah’s grandma’s homemade lasagna at their rehearsal dinner.

Sarah followed these super-complicated make-up instructions like a champ.

teeth-brushing time.

a very sweet and lovely flower girl.

Evan did a great job picking this amazing garnet ring. 

the big reveal.
Sarah’s sister said Sarah’s look was very old-Hollywood. I tend to agree. Also, Evan’s suit is amazing. I told Jay he should run out and get one just like it.

not too shabby for a ceremony location.

this was my favorite moment of the day. again. I think this is always my favorite moment of the day, actually.

I loved this moment, too.
one with everybody.

Sarah and Evan live in the Czech Republic and have connections to different places all over the world, which they artfully tied in to their reception decor.

the classic mid-toast head-hug.

Some professional-grade dancing.

A million thank yous for having us to celebrate with you, Sarah and evan. We really had a great time and it was worth every minute of our 13 hour drive. We hope to see you again someday! You are always welcome in Denver.

Kay Herder - What a beautiful bride and lovely wedding. Groom, good looking guy also. May God bless you both as you begin your life together. Kay H.

Frank Owens - Congratulations to the two of you and I hope that you have many years of fun and enjoyment ahead of you. I am sure that your lives will be filled with wonderful moments and you will be togher forever.


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