Jen and Carey are married

Jay and I knew Jen and Carey’s wedding would be great from the first time we met Jenny, over a beer at the Copper Kettle last summer.  Jen and Carey have big rowdy families, which made us feel right at home.  Their nuptial mass and reception honoring lots of Irish-American traditions were both beautiful and over-the-top fun.

Aubrey and Michael are married

Aubrey and Michael are both incredible advocates for social justice in health care and Jay and I are lucky to have them as part of our community.  Their wedding was in Chautauqua Park and everything about it was beautiful!storyboard003storyboard004storyboard005storyboard006storyboard009storyboard007storyboard008


Courtney and Ian are married

Courtney and Ian celebrated their wedding with their friends and family in the Montclair Civic Building.  There was dancing, heartfelt speeches, and delicious BBQ.  And it was wonderful.


Maggie and Rose are married

Maggie and Rose found us on our favorite wedding website,  (actually, the only wedding website I find enjoyable). They had a beautiful wedding in Boulder and celebrated their new marriage in Rose’s parents backyard.

storyboard001storyboard002storyboard003storyboard009storyboard004storyboard010storyboard011storyboard012storyboard013storyboard014storyboard015storyboard005storyboard008t1t4t2t3storyboard007storyboard016storyboard017Thanks for having us, Maggie and Rose! It was so great to meet you and share in your joy!


Shaquille and Jhia

Jay and I are lucky to call these two beautiful people our friends. Shaquille is my classmate, and one of the most positive and passion-driven people I’ve ever studied with. Jhia is a student herself, as well as a musician (she’s in a seriously amazing band with her parents and her six siblings), and a writer.

We had a great time hanging out with them at sunrise on Saturday morning. Jay and I both walked away agreeing that these are some of the best photos we’ve ever taken. The empty streets and beautiful fall sunrise were great, but what really made the photos is the people in them: Shaquille and Jhia are warm and kind, true friends to many people, and it’s so clear even after just a few minutes with them that they deeply love and respect each other. I look forward to seeing the incredible impact I know they’ll make in the world as a married couple.