our wedding


Jay & Allie are tying the knot around 7:30 PM the evening of August 22, 2014 at the new Space Gallery in Denver, 400 Santa Fe Dr.  We promise to feed you delicious desserts (and a midnight snack) and keep you hydrated if you promise to bring the fun.  Need more information than that? You can read some FAQ’s here. 

If you are looking to RSVP to the wedding, you can do that here!

How did Allie and Jay come to be getting married, you ask? Well, after being together for 8 years, we thought the time might be right. One night in November of 2013 we had just gotten home from Jay’s grandma’s house and were sitting in the parked car in the garage (the car was turned off, don’t worry) and we both agreed that we should get going on marriage.

Allie says: I’ve loved Jay since I was 16 years old and though I was wrong about a lot of things when I was 16, he wasn’t one of them.
Jay says: I don’t have anything to contribute to this website (but I love Allie a lot).