This blog post has been a long time coming. I had the best time in Moab over spring break with my family and my best friend Lindsay. I had never been before but now that I know it’s only a 6 hour drive from Denver I hope to make it out to hike a lot more frequently.

We stopped in Palisade to take check out the orchards and buy peach wine.

Crossing the state line.

Our first hike was to Bowtie and Corona Arches.

I love national parks, partly because I think park rangers are the best and partly because it’s such a great bargain (and you know how I love bargains).

Arches National Park is amazing.

While we were there my little sister taught us a lesson in parkour.

The arches were incredible, of course, but I was mostly in love with the desert light.

I’ll definitely be making Utah a more regular destination now that I know how beautiful it is. Maybe next time Jay will be lucky enough to go with me.

Moab, Utah Travel Guide

Best meal:Eddie McStiff’s. This place has a strange name, but was really delicious. It helped that we ate here right after we hiked Delicate Arch and were starving, but I also think the food was pretty good.

Best cup of coffee: Red Rock Bakery. It was perfect.

Most interesting fact learned: Thanks to the Gretchen, Canyonlands Park Ranger, I learned all about the real story of 127 hours.  This actually happened outside the National Park. Also, those awesome water caves in the beginning of the movie that looked so cool and refreshing and left you wondering what they were doing in the middle of the desert are actually part of a resort in Salt Lake City. What a disappointment.

Best pit stop: State border! Of course. Though the Fruita dinosaur statue was a close second.

Meg - I want to go here! And with you guys! AH! What amazing pictures!

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