Misha’s Baby Naming Ceremony – Denver Bris and Simchat Bat Photographer

We had a really, really great time spending the morning celebrating Mischa’s arrival at her naming ceremony. Mischa’s family has a super special place in our hearts. I’ve loved watching them grow over the past year and half and always enjoy hanging out with their whole extended family. It’s been way too long since they’ve appeared here on our blog; Mischa’s sweet newborn photos remain unshared. . . I’ll have to remedy that this week. In the meantime, you can see a bit more of her big brother Zev here and enjoy this little look into Mischa’s celebration. You might recognize a few other of our wonderful clients here, too. That’s thanks to mama Brynn and her awesome support as we have been growing our business. 

We love you guys! Thanks so much for having us.

Allie + Jay

Kris Vassos - Allie,
Can we buy some of these photos since we were not able to attend? I love your photos and have been following them since Zev was born. Thank you for chronicling his (and Mischa’s lives!
Kirs Vassos

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