Mid-Year Update – 2015

We’ll have at least two blog posts in 2015! Jay was cleaning up the images from the year so far and got inspired to create a post to let our friends, families, and past clients know what is happening so far this year.

The biggest news, aside from a job change, blissful marriage, and countless hours at the library at is that we have a new family member! We’re so excited to welcome Lona (named after Jay’s maternal grandmother) into the family. Jay’s family is excited to have a baby girl to spoil again after the last 5 babies were all boys. Seeley is excited to have a sister and loves trying to get her to play… and I’m sure it will happen too soon!

The rest of the year has been full of work, school, taking pictures, lots of time with family, a little bit of travel, and some exciting news for Allie’s family! (and sad news for Technicolor Vision)


And now, for the exciting and sad news….. Our associate photographer (aka Allie’s sister) graduated from high school! We’re excited for her to start this new chapter in her life, but sad to see her move all the way out to Kansas.  If you know any people in the KU area looking for some photos, we will be getting her set up with her own Technicolor Vision email address so she can start a satellite service there!rachelgradstoryboard036storyboard035storyboard037

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