Kristin and Eli got married: Boettcher Mansion Wedding Photographer

Kristin and Eli are the best. They met in working in Denali National Park and are a truly wonderful, laid back, perfect Alaskan-Coloradan couple. We truly loved working with them and meeting the community that came from far and wide to celebrate their marriage. We meet a lot of special people with awesome weddings but there were 3 things about this wedding that made me turn to Jay and say THAT WAS THE BEST EVER:

1. Kristin’s wedding dress? Hands down the loveliest wedding dress I’ve seen so far.

2. Most amazing toast. Eli’s dad stole the title from the maid of honor at this wedding (whose amazing toast was an extended metaphor about circus cookies and animal crackers) by writing an original song about Kristin and Eli and singing it for his toast. Everybody cried.

3. Greatest wedding play list of all time. Can Fat Bottomed Girls be a required reception dance floor song from now on? Because watching Kristin and Eli’s friends they met at Denali belt the chorus made me realize that its potential for dance party greatness has been severely underestimated.

While I wish I could bring you all the magic of the toast and the playlist, I’ll have to settle for some pictures. Hopefully you can get even a tiny feel for how great these people are.

 Thanks again for having us, Kristin and Eli. We truly enjoyed spending the day with you!

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