Ingrid, Mia, and Jared

I’ve met a lot of great toddlers in this business but I have to say that Mia is one of my favorites. She is incredibly smart and talkative and, as you can see, beautiful. Loved spending the afternoon at the park with such a great family. 

Ingrid, Jared, and Mia welcome tiny Jake | Technicolor Vision - […] first photographed this beautiful family last fall and love working with them. It was great to meet Jake in his first few weeks of life, and […]

Ingrid, Jared, Mia, and Jake at Wash Park » Technicolor Vision - […] Mia and her baby brother Jake are some of the sweetest kids we have the pleasure of photographing. Mia is an exceptionally bright 3 year old who loves to make conversation and play hide and seek. We also saw that he is a great big sister who frequently loves on her brother. This is our third time photographing this lovely family and we always enjoy spending the afternoon with these four. If you like. check out some pictures from when Jake was much smaller and of Mia before her brother arrived. […]

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