Dexter’s parents are getting married – Lone Tree and Parker Engagement Photographer

Jay’s cousin Aimee has a lovely little family and we love hanging out with Aimee, Matt, and Dexter. You might remember them from the afternoon we spent at home with them a few months ago.  Aimee and Matt are getting married in a few short weeks so we met up to take a couple of engagement pictures. This time we hung out in an open space near Parker where the light was perfect.

Aimee and Matt have the best story of any of the couples we know. You can read their versions here. They’ve known each other since middle school and were friends in high school. Then the last night senior year, Aimee and Matt shared their first kiss and Matt professed his love to Aimee while she pretended to be asleep so as to avoid responding.  Seven years passed and Matt and Aimee saw each other at a pizza place. This time, Aimee knew she wanted to be with Matt and here they are today, with an incredible son and a wedding around the corner. 



Sherry Howard - Hello,
I am Aimee’s aunt and love your beautiful pictures of them all! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. I was not able to attend and live in Washington so hope to see pictures soon!

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