Date Morning

I love breakfast. I do not observe Valentine’s Day. Given this, and Jay’s desire to do something nice for me on a day that was not February 14 (because he’s the best , ever) Jay took me out for a nice brunch last weekend.

Before I get to the delicious food we ate at Duo, we started our morning by taking some head shots. I was feeling particularly professional and wanted to update my Linked-in profile picture. . . pretty lame, I know.

And some less professional pictures. definitely not Linked In-worthy.

Now to the good part, the delicious delicious food we ate. You know what the best part of breakfast is? You can go to fancy, expensive restaurants and eat for way less than dinner, or even lunch. Duo is awesome, by the way, everything is sourced as locally as possible and things there are fresh and wonderful.  If you haven’t been you should hit it up. I’m very much looking forward to our 5280 Reservation here next week.

I had an amazing eggs benedict & Jay had pork hash. I’m getting hungry writing about it right now.

After brunch we wandered around 32nd Avenue and took a few pictures.

So handsome! I love a man in a good cardigan. 


Meg - This is so cute! I can’t wait to wander Denver a bit with you two! These head shots are wonderful!

Sooze - Very nice! It’s morning and definitely breakfast time here now….wish I had some pork hash AND eggs bene! Happy February Morning to you!

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