Cesca & Joseph Engaged

Cesca and I grew up right around the corner from each other and used to walk home from school together every day in middle school. She’s one of the liveliest, most genuine people I’ve had the honor of being friends with and I am so excited she met a great guy like Joseph. I met Joseph for the first time when we got together to take these photos and I could tell immediately that he is exactly the kind of man I would hope Cesca would have the fortune of spending her life with. I can’t wait to get to know him better when he’s Cesca’s husband. Jay and I are so excited to be a part of their August wedding in Fort Collins!

Somebody walking by asked if I wanted them to take a picture of us. . . this isn’t usually in the job description but Joseph insisted. So here we are! Glad to have Cesca and now Joseph in my life.


Meg - Great photos! Congrats, Cesca!!

Cesca and Joseph got Married, or, Their Big, Fat, Italian, Irish Wedding » Technicolor Vision - […] the great things we did together growing up. I first met Joseph when we got together to take their engagement photos. He’s an incredible guy and we loved witnessing the union of Cesca’s Italian family […]

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