Cailyn & Michael – Denver Portrait Photographer

Cailyn and Michael are two of my very closest (and tallest) friends. When I studied abroad in Madrid, they spent a week with me there and we all agree that it was one of the very best times in our lives.

It was one of those rare weeks where everything was perfect, or at least all of the imperfect things didn’t matter. I remember feeling so happy it made me immediately nostalgic and when I heard this F. Scott Fitzgerald quote I knew that he had expressed exactly how I felt that week:

That is a little over-the-top dramatic because I know I’ll be that happy again but the sentiment is there. Fast forward two years, we’re finishing our fourth (and last, for some of us) year at DU and Cailyn and Michael are in their last few weeks at the University of Denver. They wanted some photos for graduation announcements so I happily met them in Observatory Park for a super quick photo session.

Cailyn is graduating with a degree in business.

Michael is probably going to medical school in the next couple years and in the mean time he’ll be busy working in a medical research lab.

They are so good-looking.

C&M – I love you both so much and wherever you end up, know I’ll be there to visit you all the time!

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