Brunch with an old friend.

Have you figured out how much we love brunch yet? Because we do. It’s my favorite meal of the day, in fact.

We were so excited to reconnect over such an excellent meal with our lovely friend Meg. Actually, Meg is responsible for the Allie + Jay team, she helped to set up our very first date way back in 2006. Meg is graduating from the American University of Paris this year and is spending the week visiting our humble hometown, Littleton. The three of us had yet another delicious brunch at Duo and then walked around the Highlands enjoying fresh ice cream at Little Man and taking way too many pictures along the way. You can see some of Meg’s pictures from the morning here.

The Denver Highlands : Colorful This + That « De quelle planète es-tu? - […] Allie and Jay (aren’t they just the cutest?) took me to brunch at Duo before we wandered and took a million pictures, ending our afternoon with a cone at Little Man Ice Cream, right under the lights and gigantic windows of Linger. It really was a lovely afternoon. You can check out their post on this day right here. […]

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