2015 was good to us

Another year!  We’re young, but old enough now to know that the best part of our lives is time with the people we love.  This year Jay and I worked hard, but were also intentional about spending lots of time with each other, with our families, and with our friends.

I’m one semester away from being finished with law school and Jay’s settling in to a new job that is a great fit for him.  We are still spending our weekends photographing weddings and families (recaps of our client work will be on this blog over the next few weeks).

This year we spent great long weekends in Crested Butte, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.  I also took a Moore family vacation to Puerto Rico followed by a road trip with my brothers up the East Coast.  I promised Jay that someday, he would be the one with the flexible schedule for travel while I stay in Denver to work!

Our breaks from work and school included bike rides, dancing at weddings, and sharing meals with friends.  We took long walks with Olive, and on a December whim adopted a puppy.  Now Olive has a rowdy but snuggly sister named Margo.

We are so glad to have parents, siblings, and extended family, all within an hour or so of our house.  My sister graduated high school and moved to Lawrence, Kansas, making her the farthest-away member of the family.  I made the sixteen-hour-round-trip drive three times this year — I think I see her more frequently now than when she lived 15 minutes away.  The Moore siblings are successfully resisting getting boring while growing up: we spent Thanksgiving making short movies and hosting a karaoke party (pictures below).

Jay’s brothers have given us three amazing nephews (plus one dog nephew that we are very fond of).  When I think back on the last year, some of my warmest memories are hanging out with the growing Rathbun family, laughing with my brothers and sisters-in-law and playing with our nephews.

The hardest part of this year was saying goodbye to Joe Moore this fall, my uncle, and a good and kind man.  Spending time together in the days following his death reminded me what an amazing gift it has been to grow up in a family where Thanksgiving dinner has to serve 40 and people who love you are always there to help you however they can.

Here, at the beginning of our marriage, we’re planning for how we can make sure our lives are built around spending time in a way that brings us joy, with the people we love at the center.

And here’s the proof that sometimes, we take the camera out for ourselves.
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storyboard006storyboard003storyboard004storyboard003storyboard002storyboard012storyboard008storyboard007We are enormously grateful for everyone in our lives.  The people we love continue to put big smiles on our faces.  We hope we get to spend lots of time talking and laughing with you in 2016.

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